Logos Gold Coast Logistics Hub, Arundel

A Renewed Beginning for an Iconic Venue

Introducing the Gold Coast Logistics Hub, a cutting-edge industrial facility that is transforming the logistics landscape in the region. Located conveniently near the Gold Coast Highway, this premier hub serves the central Gold Coast Region and Northern NSW. Spanning across a well-planned 22-hectare site, the Gold Coast Logistics Hub operates 24/7 and is strategically positioned in a rapidly growing area.

The core of this remarkable facility is the structural steel package provided by First Line Engineering for Richard Crookes Construction. Our team successfully delivered about 400 tonnes of high-quality structural steel, ensuring the hub’s framework’s strength and durability. From design and manufacturing to coating and installation, our expertise played a crucial role in shaping this impressive logistics hub.

The completion of the Gold Coast Logistics Hub exemplifies the successful collaboration between Richard Crookes Construction and First Line Engineering. Together, we have created a building that combines functionality, sustainability, and innovation, setting new standards for the industry.