Midtown Centre, Brisbane

One of the world's most sustainable commercial towers.

Midtown Centre, designed by the internationally renowned Australian architects Fender Katsalidis, embodies the “Buildings that Breathe” philosophy, prioritizing productive and healthy workplaces in line with Brisbane City Council’s New World City Design Guide. Karl Fender OAM, Firm Founding Partner and Managing Director of Fender Katsalidis, believes that Midtown Centre will serve as a global benchmark for repurposing aging commercial building assets. The local landscape architecture designers, Lat27, have consistently integrated this concept into all aspects of the open spaces.

First Line Engineering Pty Ltd played a crucial role throughout the Midtown Centre project. Partnering with Hutchinson Builders, they served as the primary supplier for manufacturing structural steel, including various elements such as the base of the building, strengthening/seismic members, the auditorium steel, and more. Their expertise and skill ensured the seamless integration of the two high-rise towers, as well as the steelworks for the ground level, including the newly created laneway connecting Charlotte Street to Mary Street, featuring a blend of retail and hospitality spaces that activate the precinct. On the Charlotte Street side, the restoration and enhancement of a heritage façade, dating back to circa 1890, can be observed. Adding to the architectural appeal, a three-level mixed-use podium, divided by a centrally located naturally ventilated glass atrium, further enhances the overall design of the building.